SSDP in Colombia Celebrates Milestone and Activities

SSDP in Colombia Celebrates Milestone and Activities

The SSDP chapter at the National University of Colombia (SSDP UN), the first in a Latin American, Spanish-speaking country, celebrates sixteen months of activities since its foundation. To mark this milestone, the chapter members want to tell the organization of our participation in a number of activities.

Under the category of “Student Working Groups,” the chapter has received support from the National University of Colombia, which makes it possible to put on events on the University’s campus, as well as attracting participation from outside the University. The events held in the University include:

• Showing of documentary films related to the “war against drugs” and the effects of psycho-active substances.

• Mailing of bulletins, through institutional mail, containing information, debates, and alerts related to the themes of drugs and youth.

• Participation in the Fair of Well-Being Services at the Faculty of Human Sciences and directed at Fathers and Mothers with Families. We were the only student working group invited to the event.

Outside the University, SSDP has participated in the following:

• Support for events by Dosis de Personalidad in 2010 and 2011. Dosis de Personalidad is a civil organization that works to strengthen individual freedoms.

• We participates as organizers in the meeting and march for the International Day of Marijuana Liberation in Bogotá.

• We spoke at the international meeting, “Human Rights and Drug Policy,” convened by the University of the Andes.

• We spoke in the meeting, “Collective Experiences Related to Drugs,” convoked by the National University of Pedagogy.

• We formed part of civil society organizations that participated in citizen interventions in support of the case, presented to the Constitutional Court, against the prohibition of transport and consumption of a minor dose of any psychoactive substance.

• We participated in ¨Love me well, love me today: The future of the politics of Infancy and Adolescence in Bogota.” A closed forum for experts to review district policies about infancy and adolescence, 2004 – 2010.

We will continue working to make known the needs of young people who confront the effects of the damaging war against drugs. By informing and generating critical opinion and relaying the experiences from other places and with other types of politics, we hope to involve more and more young people who are critical of the prohibitionist paradigm and who demand a drug policy that is really sensible.

SSDP UN Bogota Team