SSDP International’s First Annual Report (2019-2020) Has Been Released

SSDP International’s First Annual Report (2019-2020) Has Been Released

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This entry has been published on March 31, 2021 and may be out of date.

Throughout 2019-2020, the whole world faced some serious challenges. In the face of these challenges, young drug policy activists showed tireless commitment to fighting for the rights or people who use drugs and advocating for policies grounded in human rights. This year, the resilience of our movement was put to the test and once again, we have proven the strength that young people have. We are proud to announce that Students for Sensible Drug Policy International has published its first Annual Report. 

In December 2020, SSDP International was founded in Vienna, Austria. It is a sister organisation to SSDP Foundation (headquartered in Washington D.C, US), and manages SSDP’s presence in over 30 countries and in international advocacy spaces. This strategic move is helping us develop our national and regional networks and to create new, more distributed decision making processes. We are more dedicated than ever to fostering the SSDP movement across the world. 

Our Annual Report highlights the incredible achievements our network has made from June 2019 to June 2020. These include landmark cannabis reform in Ghana, nightlife reforms in Israel, and impact at the United Nations, just to name a few. We could not do this work without your support. We are very grateful for this, but we are still very limited in resources. If you can, please donate to our International Activities Fund to make sure our members on the ground can continue fighting for safer and more just societies. 

We could not do this without the incredible support from our colleagues and board members in the United States. We would like to thank Luis Montoya ‘16, Rachel Wissner ‘11, Julia Hillbert ‘17, Oriana Mayorga ‘13, Maya Tatum ‘13, and Kat Ebert ‘18 in particular for all their support and guidance during this time.