SSDP Joins the Combined Federal Campaign with CFC code 98497

SSDP Joins the Combined Federal Campaign with CFC code 98497

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For the first time in Students for Sensible Drug Policy’s sixteen year history, we will be participating in the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) this fall. The CFC is the official workplace giving campaign of the federal government, and is the largest and most successful program of its kind in the world. The goal of the CFC is to promote philanthropy among the hundreds of thousands of active military, federal employees, and postal workers who participate by having a donation taken out of each paycheck and given to the charities they designate. Last year, the Campaign raised over $200 million for a diverse array of charities; this year, SSDP has the chance to reach countless new supporters and raise unrestricted funds to support our students’ work.

Acceptance to the CFC is a big deal for our standing as an organization! To be chosen for the CFC, charities must meet the Campaign’s accountability standards and prove significant program activity in at least fifteen states over the last three years. Thanks to our growing network of engaged students, SSDP’s application cited activity in 34 states. It’s truly a sign of drug policy reform’s forward momentum that our grassroots organization will be soliciting donations alongside some of the largest and most influential non-profits in the world.

Many of the non-profit organizations in the Combined Federal Campaign have been participating for years and can project that they’ll receive substantial support through the Campaign. However, SSDP is brand new to the CFC, so we need your voice as an SSDP supporter to help us build a following. Please remember to include our CFC number (98497) any time you tell someone about giving to SSDP through the Campaign- every charity has a unique number, which is what donors write in when designating what group they want to donate to. Here are a few ways you can help spread the word:

Word of mouth. If you know federal civilian, military, or postal employees, tell them how SSDP has made a difference in your life and encourage them to designate SSDP for their CFC donations. We’re building leaders, educating communities, and advocating for policy changes that will benefit society as a whole- by supporting us, they can be part of our mission!

Get social. Tweet a few words or write a longer Facebook post about what makes SSDP unique and include our CFC number (98497) and use the hashtag #cfcnca. Here are a few sample tweets:
– We believe in education, not incarceration. Federal employees can now support @SSDP’s work through the CFC, number 98497 #cfcnca
– The US needs #SchoolsNotPrisons. @SSDP is now in the Combined Federal Campaign, number 98497 #cfcnca
– We advocate for compassion-based drug policies. CFC donors can now support @SSDP’s work, number 98497 #cfcnca

Spread the love. If you’re a student, thank our new supporters by taking a thank-you picture with your chapter and sending it to SSDP headquarters!