SSDP National Board Endorses Budget for Humanity Campaign

In a recent national board meeting this week, SSDP board members voted to endorse Californians United for a Responsible Budget and their Budget for Humanity Campaign. SSDP along with 45 other organizations have recently collaborated to support the new campaign and invest in California’s future. Bloated by a failed policy of mass incarceration and laws such as Three Strikes and Mandatory Minimums, California’s prisons are filling at a far greater rate than even history’s largest prison expansion project can meet. CURB knows that California’s problems can only be solved through proper funding of education, community resources and prevention/intervention programs. We must fund communities, not cages, and begin a true effort in maintaining public safety for all Californians. In March 2011, CURB launched the Budget for Humanity Campaign. California’s budget crisis provides an urgent opportunity to dramatically shift the state’s funding priorities away from policing and imprisonment and toward education, health care, jobs, and housing. The Budget for Humanity proposes that we can re-unite families, strengthen communities, and save billions of dollars by supporting people coming home from prison and implementing basic changes to parole policy and sentencing laws. SSDP is excited to be part of this coalition, and we hope CURB can help bring stability, justice, and compassion to California’s prison system. Back to top