SSDP on MTV News

SSDP on MTV News

We’ve made speaking truth to power a priority at SSDP this year.  Our very own chair of the SSDP board, Irina Alexander, led a heroic effort in New Hampshire to get all of the GOP candidates on the record about important drug policy issues.  Her work along with that of other SSDP leaders has made the Washington Post and MSNBC.

Now today, another SSDPer, Alison Fox, is in the news — MTV News to be exact — bringing a dose of sensibleness to this report about Super Tuesday:

Right next door to the rowdy Young Dems voter drive, we found 23-year-old Alison Fox from Students for Sensible Drug Policy, who is flexing her political muscle by abstaining from today’s primary, despite the fact that she applauds Libertarian Congressman Ron Paul’s approach to legalizing marijuana. (This seems to be a rather popular stance of his among college students. Just sayin’.)

“I believe that right now I’m not gonna vote for any of the Republican candidates only because, unfortunately, I believe that money has too much to say in the candidacy rather than views and policy,” she said.

Considering she also told us how her state’s front-runner,former Georgia Congressman Newt Gingrich, grossed out her fellow activists when they attended one of his recent rallies, it doesn’t look like anyone from SSDP will be adding to Gingrich’s delegate count today.

“I feel like, that once again, the money comes into play when it comes to his values and his politics,” Fox said of Gingrich. “Actually some of our members from the SSDP went to both the Ron Paul rally and the Newt Gingrich rally which was held in Georgia and while they left the Ron Paul rally feeling enlightened, they left the Newt Gingrich rally feeling nauseated. And very concerned about their futures.”

Even without getting their vote on this Super Tuesday, these young women are proving actions can speak louder than polls.

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