SSDP Report Card for April 2020

SSDP staff, board, students and alumni (about 30 people standing in rows, smiling) during the 2019 SSDP Strategy Summit - roughly 30 people smiling, standing in rows in front of trees
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This entry has been published on May 12, 2020 and may be out of date.

Note from the team

As April drew to a close, SSDP members and supporters came together to create #Sensible2020: The Virtual Drug Policy Conference. Drug policy reformers, advocates, direct service providers, and people who use drugs came together to exchange learning and strategies for sustaining and fortifying our work through the coronavirus crisis. In the Q&A, on social media, and on our new Slack channel for chapter members and alumni, we saw people making the same kinds of connections that make the IRL conference so valuable. We heard about what members are activating around and got inspired by how they are addressing emerging issues in real-time with that typical SSDP creativity. In the coming weeks and months, keep an eye out for those videos and much more digital content from the team and members as we adapt our work to the new reality everywhere we are active. 

And thank you! Thanks to the hundreds of people who pulled together to make this conference so magical. Thank you to the sponsors who supported it, the speakers who volunteered their time and shared so much, the session organizers who worked behind the scenes, and the donors who make our work possible every day of the year. If you haven’t already, please check out our digital swag bag for some discounts from our partners plus music and podcast playlists curated just for you. 


Your SSDP Global Team

P.S. We’re hiring! Are you passionate about ethical and sustainable fundraising or know someone else who is? Check out the SSDP Development Director job posting. 

Action Alerts 

New Activists and Chapters

  • SSDP France (France)
  • SSDP Brazil (Brazil)
  • Portland Community College (United States)
  • Oswego and Onondaga County SSDP (United States)
  • University of Montana (United States)

CAT Leaderboard

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  1. University of California Santa Cruz
  2. University of Pittsburgh
  3. Ferris State University
  4. DePaul University
  5. Michigan State University
  6. Ohio State University
  7. Oakland Community College
  8. University of Texas Austin
  9. Arizona State University Downtown
  10. George Washington University


Network highlights

  • Carolina Subow ‘19 designed unique Support. Don’t Punish stickers to be distributed to chapters across the globe for the global day of action. 
  • Carolina Subow ‘19 is releasing Youtube videos on drugs & policy in Europe. If you speak German, check out her latest video entitled “Drogenpolitik in Deutschland”. 
  • Moronfolu Adeniyi ‘14 moderated the Students for Liberty 4/20 Webinar African Edition. 
  • Ruby Lawlor ‘17 and Beatrix Vas ‘19  were accepted as members of the YouthRISE International Working Group.
  • Arizona State University Downtown SSDP passed a resolution through their student government urging the school to adopt a medical amnesty policy.
  • Point Park University SSDP won the “New Outstanding Student Organization” award from their school.

Just Say Know Drug Education Roundup

In the April edition of the roundup, our Director of Drug Education shares some of the latest in cannabis and alcohol research, highlights some efforts in overdose prevention, provides updates on how COVID-19 is impacting drug consumption and policy reform efforts, and more!

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Upcoming events and days of action

These events include those which are hosted by SSDP global, or by SSDP chapters, or in which we are partners or co-hosts, or feature an SSDP member as a speaker. If your chapter is hosting an event that you’d like listed, please let your SSDP staff member know. 

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