SSDP Report Card for February 2020

SSDP staff, board, students and alumni (about 30 people standing in rows, smiling) during the 2019 SSDP Strategy Summit - roughly 30 people smiling, standing in rows in front of trees
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This entry has been published on March 13, 2020 and may be out of date.

Note from the team

This month, we had expected to be sharing exciting developments about our upcoming conference, #Sensible2020. We’re still working hard to make sure we’re providing our dedicated members with a platform for sharing, learning, and networking, even though we won’t be able to gather in-person. Soon, we’ll be posting information about #Sensible2020: the Virtual SSDP Conference & Lobby Day and hope that even more of you can join us for that event. 

As we make these considerations, we also must remember that the very people we’re fighting alongside are in many cases the most vulnerable to COVID-19. People who use drugs, and especially people who are unstably housed, may be most likely to be exposed to the virus, living with underlying health conditions,  and least likely to have access to viable medical care. The burdens placed on our health care systems will disrupt harm reduction supply delivery and may strain health care providers’ ability to respond to overdose. So we must keep fighting bad policy in the halls of power and educating our communities about the harm reduction tactics those policies necessitate. Thanks to our friends in the global community of people who use drugs and input from SSDP members, we’ve published a COVID-19 Global Harm Reduction Alert and hope you will share it widely. 

Now as much as ever, we must not lose sight of the critical and life-saving work, so we invite you to click through, read about our members’ work in the February report card, and perhaps get inspired about how you can be advocating for sensible policies to support people who use drugs in your community. Thank you for your commitment to our shared vision to end the War on Drugs and start making sense.

Wash your hands, stop touching your face, and stay sensible,

Your SSDP International Team

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New Activists and Chapters

  • Ball State University (United States)
  • Broward College (United States)
  • Elgin Community College (United States)
  • School Without Walls (United States)
  • Hunter College (United States)
  • Montana State University (United States)
  • University College London (United Kingdom)


CAT Leaderboard

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  • 73 active policy change campaigns throughout the network
  • 15 interactions between our members and drug policy decision makers


Network highlights

  • Willamette University College of Law SSDP’s social equity bill was introduced in the Oregon State House.
  • Members of Oakland Community College SSDP and Wayne State University SSDP organized a Sensible Drug Policy panel at a Michigan state-wide student conference.
  • SSDP Manchester received £500 in funding to introduce reagent drug checking on campus.
  • Sarah Noon ‘19 from Oakland Community College SSDP met with Michigan’s Secretary of State regarding automatic expungement of cannabis records.
  • University of North Texas SSDP got their Graduate Student Council to pass a resolution equalizing the punitive responses for people caught with any illicit substance on campus.
  • Wake Forest University SSDP saw forty attendees at their half-day symposium titled “From Bench to Bar: Scientific and Legal Perspectives on Drug Policy.”
  • David Ansah and Makafui Seshie from SSDP Ghana were appointed to committees established during the Drug Policy Reform Civil Society Organisations strategic meeting. 


Just Say Know Drug Education Roundup

In the February edition of the roundup, our Director of Drug Education shares some of the latest in cannabis and psychedelics research, highlights some efforts in overdose prevention in the U.S., shares a bit about what is going on globally in prevention and policy advocacy, and more!


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