SSDP Report Card for November 2019

SSDP staff, board, students and alumni (about 30 people standing in rows, smiling) during the 2019 SSDP Strategy Summit - roughly 30 people smiling, standing in rows in front of trees

Note from the team

The SSDP Report Card for November is out! Read on for the latest in chapter news (it sure was a busy month for SSDPers!), see where our newest chapters have been founded, check out a growing list of events we’re proud to partner on, and so much more. Since it’s December, we know you’re hearing from a lot of great nonprofits this month who need support, including, of course, us here at Students for Sensible Drug Policy. We also know that most of our members are young people who don’t typically have access to much extra cash. If you’re not able to give personally, would you consider sending this message to a supportive friend or family member?
“Hey [Aunt Jane], Students for Sensible Drug Policy is doing incredible work empowering young people to end the disastrous War on Drugs. SSDP means a lot to me and I’d love to support them with a donation, but I’m not able to. Would you consider making a gift today on my behalf? Here’s a link to their most recent report card that can give you a sense of the good work they do to make drug policies more sensible.” 
Thank you for staying in touch and for staying committed to our shared vision to end the War on Drugs and start making sense!

Action alerts 

New activists and chapters 

  • SSDP Leeds (United Kingdom)
  • Stockton University (United States)
  • West Virginia University (United States)

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  1. University of Pittsburgh
  2. Ferris State University
  3. Michigan State University
  4. Ohio State University
  5. University of California Santa Cruz
  6. DePaul University
  7. University College Cork
  8. SSDP Nigeria
  9. United Methodist University
  10. Kent State University


  • 13 SSDPers as speakers or presenters at Reform Conference
  • 61 student members at Reform Conference on scholarship
  • 42 US states and administrative districts in which SSDP is active 

Network highlights 

  • Ferris State SSDP legalized cannabis businesses in Big Rapids, Michigan.
  • UC Santa Cruz SSDP met with Mayor of Santa Cruz Martine Watkins to discuss the Decriminalize Santa Cruz resolution.
  • 15 Michigan State University SSDPers completed the Introduction to Peer Education lesson of our Just Say Know training curriculum.
  • College of Charleston SSDP secured $4250 from the school to fund their trip to the Reform Conference.
  • Georgia State University SSDP raised $600 from a local business to help cover expenses to attend the Reform Conference. 
  • SSDPers from University of North Texas met with a Denton city council members, Paul Meltzer, Gerald Hudspeth, and Deb Armintor, to discuss their group’s local cannabis reform campaign.
  • Five SSDPers from University of Texas Austin, University of Houston, and University of North Texas gave a joint presentation on how to get involved with SSDP for the Community Voices section of the Psychedelic Science Summit.
  • SSDP Nigeria‘s Monthly Whatsapp call set a new record for most participants with 199 people on the call.
  • SSDP Zimbabwe pitched public health policy reform suggestions to parliamentarians. 
  • SUNY New Paltz SSDP met with village trustee Alex Wojick to advocate for the decriminalization of open container violations.
  • University of Missouri SSDP got their school’s wellness center to send an email to all students explaining the 911 Good Samaritan policies of the school.
  • Julia Hilbert ‘17, who is an SSDP certified peer educator, was honored by the Incline as one of the “Who’s Next: First Responders” for her opioid overdose prevention work through SSDP and Prevention Point, Pittsburgh. 
  • UC Santa Cruz SSDP presented their resolution decriminalizing psychoactive plants to the Santa Cruz city council.
  • Reed College SSDP persuaded the school’s Community Safety Manager to create between one and three student positions on the Community Safety Committee dedicated to harm-reduction services on campus.
  • University of North Texas SSDP got their student government to unanimously pass a resolution equalizing the punishment students receive for alcohol violations and punishments students receive for other drug violations. 
  • The Pittsburgh school district, the largest in the state, was inspired by SSDP to relax campus marijuana policies.
  • Oakland Community College SSDP’s Know Your Rights event had the highest attendance of any recorded student meeting at the school.

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Upcoming events and days of action

These events include those which are hosted by SSDP global, or by SSDP chapters, or in which we are partners or co-hosts, or feature an SSDP member as a speaker. If your chapter is hosting an event that you’d like listed, please let your SSDP staff member know. 

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