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Dear {{recipient.first_name }}, This month, we’re sending a special “Congratulations!” to all the SSDPers who are graduating and preparing for what’s next. Thank you, grads, for everything you have done to educate your peers, build a community of harm reductionists, and change policies to make your campuses safer. Thank you for all you will do to carry SSDP’s values into your careers and communities, and the many ways you will continue to be members of the SSDP community through the Alumni Association, mentoring your new chapter leaders, and staying active in drug policy reform. Now and as you enter your next stage, always remember: Stay sensible! Your friends at SSDP
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  1. University of Colorado Boulder
  2. University of Pittsburgh
  3. University of Texas Austin
  4. Kent State University
  5. SSDP Nigeria
  6. University of Connecticut
  7. Ferris State University
  8. University of Vienna
  9. University of North Georgia Gainesville
  10. Cork Institute of Technology

Making Sense

Northeast Region
  • Three New York chapters, SUNY Binghamton, SUNY Albany, and SUNY New Paltz, organized a statewide lobby day in support of S3040 & A3506, which if passed would tax and regulate cannabis in New York. Students scheduled eight meetings and dropped into four more offices. Students left behind a handout with information about cannabis legalization and reported mostly favorable interactions. During one of the drop-in visits, a staffer expressed interest in supporting an industrial hemp bill, A10195.
  • Yale University SSDP hosted a community conversation with New Haven Alder Hacibey Catalbasoglu (D-1) on taxing & regulating cannabis in Connecticut. The event was intended to gather public feedback for the New Haven delegation of elected officials as they consider the legalization of cannabis in the 2018 legislative session.
Southeast Region
  • University of Georgia SSDP hosted a rally in support of marijuana decriminalization in Athens called “Decrim for Athens” on April 20th. The rally attracted forty participants, who marched through downtown Athens  and culminated in front of town hall. At town hall, supporters were given the opportunity to step up to the mic and share why they support marijuana decriminalization in Athens.
  • The University of Texas Austin raised $100 for the commissary funds of two women who are incarcerated and distributed over 500 flyers reminding people of those still incarcerated for marijuana, while tabling alongside Queer and Trans People of Color Agency on April 20th.
  • Elena of the SSDP Österreich chapter spoke at the International Narcotic Control Board (INCB) during a hearing in Vienna on rethinking the approach to the regulation of non-medical use Cannabis. This is the first time the INCB has held a civil society hearing on the matter and is a big step towards removing cannabis off of the international scheduling system. The President of the INCB invited her back to talk about the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and how the legalization of cannabis/hemp affects the goals. Elena’s remarks can be viewed here.
  • SSDP Nigeria has continued their voter registration drive with Ogun State Youth Coalition. To date, they have registered 1200 Nigerian students to vote.
  • Three members of SSDP SIerra Leone were invited to the National Youth Leadership Summit, organized by the government of Sierra Leone. Participants were provided free lodging and transportation to the summit. SSDP was the only organization there talking about drug policy.

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New Chapters

International Region
  • Kenyatta University (In-progress)
Mid-Atlantic Region
  • Princeton University (In-progress)
  • Shenandoah University (In-progress)
  • James Madison University (In-progress)
Mountain Region
  • Community College of Denver (In-progress)
  • Utah Valley University (In-progress)

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