SSDP Sign-On Letter To Support the MORE Act

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This entry has been published on May 25, 2021 and may be out of date.

Students for Sensible Drug Policy is circulating a sign-on letter for organizations and SSDP chapters to call on House representatives to co-sponsor the MORE Act and bring it to the floor in June.

The impact of a simple marijuana arrest on a young person’s life can be drastic. Before the Higher Education Act Aid Elimination Penalty was removed, thousands of young people lost eligibility for all federal student aid, including Pell grants and federal student loans. Young people with a marijuana arrest have, on average, 30% reduced lifetime wage growth. It is time for this war on people who use marijuana to end. Passing the MORE Act is an important step in moving from a prohibitionist, anti-drug strategy to a strategy that reinstates harm reduction, public health, and human rights as the foundation of national drug policy.

Federally decriminalizes cannabis while creating routes for expunging marijuana-related past convictions

Enables states to make laws and set policies regarding marijuana

Allows physicians affiliated with the Veterans Administration to make medical marijuana recommendations to veterans

Allows increased FDA approved research into marijuana

Protects immigrants from severe penalties over simple marijuana arrests

Provides resources and grants to communities most directly impacted by marijuana prohibition   



Sign on here by Monday, May 31st. Check out our MORE Act fact sheet for more information about the bill.