SSDP Testifies at CA Marijuana Legalization Hearing

Yesterday at the California State House in Sacramento, members of Students for Sensible Drug Policy attended the state’s first hearing on the regulation and taxation of cannabis. Alex Woon and Kraig Negrete of the San Jose State University chapter joined UC Berkeley chapter members Matt Kintz, Rishi Malhotra, and alumni Suzy Sim to witness the hearing and give a 30 second “elevator argument” on why they support taking marijuana out of the black market and putting it into a legal and regulated system. I’m so proud to work with such bright and motivated students who took the time out of their day make sure that their voices were heard. After attending the committee hearing and giving public opinion, we grabbed a quick lunch with our colleagues from DPAMPPCA NORML and others before running around the state house to lobby CA Assembly members for their support of AB 390. Both Alex Woon and Rishi Malhotra gained lobbying experience last year when they attended SSDP’s International Conference and Lobby Day in Washington, D.C. If you’re interested in learning more about lobbying, be sure to RSVP for SSDP’s 2010 International Conference in San Francisco, March 12-14.