SSDP Welcomes Lewis and Clark Law School Chapter

SSDP Welcomes Lewis and Clark Law School Chapter

Kaitlyn Dent L&C Law School

Kaitlyn Dent, Lewis and Clark Law School chapter

I’m thrilled to introduce Kaitlyn Dent, the founder of Students for Sensible Drug Policy at Lewis and Clark Law School. Kaitlyn is originally from Michigan. She double majored in Psychology and Film & Theatre as an undergraduate in Northern California, and is now a 2L in law school in Portland at Lewis and Clark Law School.

“A sensible drug policy to me is more accepting towards the gray areas. I believe too many of our current drug policies treat situations as black and white, and are based on very outdated ideas of what black and white look like. I’d like to see more circumstantial policies that take into consideration environmental factors, situational factors, psychological factors, and community factors.”

Kaitlyn decided to get involved with SSDP because she believes that students have a responsibility to advocate for the changes they want to see – not just for drug policies, but for the lives of those who may not have the same privileges students do.

“I know 2L in law school is supposed to be the ‘work you to death’ year of law school, but I care too much about these concerns to not get involved now. Working together right now on these awareness and  community projects helps lay a groundwork for the future when we can use our positions and our power to make even more of an impact. A lot of the people I’m working with right now are future lawyers, future judges, future politicians, and more!”

She adds, “You never know where the people you attract could be headed in life and how they can apply what they’re learning now to things they’re doing in the future. So get the word out! You don’t have to do much—even changing one person’s mind on what a ‘sensible’ policy looks like means you’ve made a difference already.

Fun fact about Kaitlyn? While she loves the west coast, the midwest in her doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon. She grew up on a farm, still says “pop,” and “caramel” is definitely a two-syllable word! 🙂