SSDP Welcomes our 6th Chapter to the Arizona Network!

SSDP Welcomes our 6th Chapter to the Arizona Network!

ASU Poly

Jeremy tabling at the 2015 student organization fair with ASU Tempe chapter officers Andre Maestas & Maya Tatum.

Have you ever wondered whether flyering on campus is actually helping you recruit new members and start new chapters of SSDP? Well, in the case of the Arizona State Univesity Tempe chapter and SSDP Chapter Leader Jeremy Poet, they did. A few years ago, as a Freshman at Arizona State University, Jeremy saw a flyer for an ASU SSDP film screening of “Neurons to Nirvana” and he decided to attend. He went on to become one of the most involved members of the chapter. He attended meetings, helped with recruitment, and contributed to ASU being awarded the excellence in fundraising award at the SSDP2014 Conference.

Last year, he and I started working together to start a new chapter at the ASU Polytechnic campus, in Mesa, AZ, where he takes the bulk of his classes. It is about 23 miles away from the main ASU campus in Tempe, AZ where the first chapter of ASU SSDP started several years ago. I am happy to announce to the network that Jeremy has successfully been recognized by the ASU Polytechnic campus as an official student organization, marking the third chapter of SSDP in the ASU system (including the main and downtown campuses). I will be working with all 3 ASU SSDP chapters and our Arizona Campus Coordinator, Cameron Oberlin, to bring a 4th chapter of SSDP to the ASU west campus during the 2016-17 academic year. Cameron and I co-founded the first chapter of SSDP about 5 years ago and it took us a year or two to get “plugged in” to the larger international SSDP network and to start interacting with other chapters and SSDP staff members. It is incredibly rewarding for us to know that what we started, a small band of students who were concerned about marijuana legalization in Arizona, has turned into a robust, statewide network of student activists which includes one of the most successful and active chapters in the entire SSDP network.

Jeremy has been an integral part of sustaining and growing the first ASU chapter. I look forward to helping him do the same with ASU SSDP chapter number three! Our first step: flyers, of course!