SSDP Welcomes our Spring Intern, Alicia!

Immediately upon arriving at the SSDP office in Washington D.C., I was happily overwhelmed by the friendliness and dedication displayed by those surrounding me. The SSDP staffers made it clear that they were ambitious while still able to share a laugh. They welcomed me to the office, ensured that I was comfortable, and then presently went back to what they do best: fighting the drug war. Drug policy and drug culture has been my passion since I first entered college in 2011. I began conducting casual research on marijuana policy before undertaking a semester-long project, which led me to SSDP. As a winter intern for SSDP, I feel accomplished for finally taking a stand against the war on drugs. The team with which I am working with is highly informed and connected. Being an intern for SSDP allows for me to observe drug policy through a different lens – one that is shared on both a personal and professional level with my colleagues. However, my stand is not enough. The war on drugs is a war on liberty, and until the federal prohibition is eliminated, the battle will continue. By working with SSDP, I hope to help fellow students realize the flaws in federal prohibition and encourage them to join the movement against the war on drugs. My specific interest is in the reform of marijuana policy, as well as international drug policy and drug culture. The perceptions held on drugs and drug usage vary across the world, ones that could introduce beneficial changes to the policies here at home.