SSDP Welcomes Summer Intern, Cassandra Whalen

SSDP Welcomes Summer Intern, Cassandra Whalen

Photo by Judd Weiss

Photo by Judd Weiss,

It’s easy to feel connected to important issues when you’re in D.C., but being involved and making a difference presents a greater challenge.  SSDP helps students coordinate their efforts to become involved and make that difference, and I’m incredibly excited to be a part of it this summer.

Both by amassing relevant drug policy information and connecting with student groups, SSDP grows and supports a network facilitating student activism on drug policy, an issue important to the country as a whole and students in particular.  For this reason I very much look forward to working with SSDP in its work to promote sensible drug policies.

What particularly strikes me about the drug war is that though policies are so often well-intentioned, they have devastating negative consequences that more often than not harm those they’re meant to protect.  I wish to encourage people to look at the results of drug policy and convince them that their good intentions have better outlets than prohibition.