SSDP Welcomes the Berkeley City College Chapter

SSDP Welcomes the Berkeley City College Chapter

Begonia at BCC

BCC SSDP chapter leader Begonia Herbert

I could not be more thrilled to introduce Begonia Blossom Herbert, the founder and chapter leader of Students for Sensible Drug Policy at Berkeley City College.

Begonia studies Psychology at Berkeley City College but hopes to transfer to UCLA in the near future. She will be receiving her AA in Arts and Humanities in 2016!

Begonia wanted to get involved with SSDP because of a specific instance in her life.  She says,“I was about thirteen years old and my father and I were tabling for MAPS. I remember the number of people who came to our table and wanted to give money to the organization but were terrified of leaving their contact information to be informed about MAPS updates. It touched me that so many people were afraid of giving an email address in support of positive drug policy. Throughout the years I watched my father advocate for drug policy reform and I myself became educated on the subject of the use of psychedelics for personal growth and recovery. I dream that I will be able to help individuals through the use of psychedelics in therapy as a psychologist but I know that much work needs to be done to give patients access to these beneficial medications. SSDP can help to change these laws!”

To Begonia, a sensible drug policy is one that treats drug use as a public health concern, rather than a moral issue. This upcoming year, she hopes to collaborate on events and actions with UC Berkeley.  In addition, since 2016 is going to be a very important year for cannabis reform in California, the chapter plans to support the initiative through direct action as well as educational events.

To new chapter leaders, she says, “I first wanted to start an SSDP chapter in 2012 but the time wasn’t right for me to lead such an important club at my school. SSDP was always on my mind, and when the time was right, I was able to form a chapter. Always keep sight of your dreams. If you want to do something that seems far fetched at the time or unattainable, don’t ever give up. Opportunities come back around when you are ready for them!”

In addition to leading BCC’s SSDP Chapter, she serves as the Vice President of Public Relations for the Associated Students of Berkeley City College. When she’s not advocating for students, she enjoys live music, food, art, and anything cat related.