SSDP2014 conference resources and follow up

SSDP2014 conference resources and follow up

As promised, we’ve compiled a page of resources for you to help you follow up on, revisit, share, and take action on some of the ideas discussed at the conference. Here you’ll find links to documents, presentations, videos, photos, audio, speaker contact information, and other resources from #SSDP2014.

Conference feedback

Please take two minutes to share your feedback! We really cannot emphasize enough how important your thoughts are to us. We use the results of conference evaluation forms to make decisions about the content, focus, layout, logistics, speakers, etc. for future SSDP events. Your responses are anonymous and all questions are optional (although we hope you’ll answer as many as you can), soplease submit your SSDP2014 evaluation today

Photos and videos

Did you take photos or video during SSDP2014? Please send your files and/or links to

Lost and found 

Did you lose or find items during SSDP2014? There are two jackets at the SSDP office in DC. Photos have been posted in the Facebook event, and can be seen here.If these belong to you or if you found anything, please contact

Special programs for award nominees

Were you or your chapter nominated for an award? If so, you should have received a special copy of the conference program. There were two versions of the program, to tell which one you have, flip open the back cover. If you see a page on the left titled “Congratulations to this year’s SSDP Award nominees” you have the special version. If you open the back cover and see the “Sponsors” page, you have the regular version. We want to make sure those who were nominated for an award receive a copy of the special version (since your name will be in it), so let us know if you were nominated for an award but do not yet have a copy of the appropriate conference program and we’ll mail it to you.

SSDP2014 resources and materials

Read slides from sessions you missed, reach out to panelists you didn’t have a chance to meet, review notes from sessions you weren’t able to attend, watch videos of keynote speakers and the awards ceremony, and more from the conference. Check out our full list of SSDP2014 resources and materials here. This page will be updated as additional content becomes available. Thanks again for being a part of the 2014 Students for Sensible Drug Policy Conference + Lobby Day. #SSDP2016 can’t come soon enough!