SSDP2014 is right around the corner

SSDP2014 is right around the corner

I hope you’re as excited as we are for this month’s Students for Sensible Drug Policy Conference + Lobby Day! Online registration will close this Friday 9/12 at 11:59pm EST, so register here today. In case you missed it, last week we announced our keynote speakers:

  • Troy Dayton, CEO, ArcView Group
  • Rob Kampia, Executive Director, Marijuana Policy Project
  • Neill Franklin, Executive Director, Law Enforcement Against Prohibition

In addition to featuring forward-thinking talks from these leading experts, the conference will feature exciting sessions on a variety of drug policy reform topics:

Emerging Drug Policy Reform Topics
  • FILM the Police: Using Radical Technology to Watch the Watchers
  • From Grassroots to the UN, Ending the War on Drugs globally
  • Industrial Hemp- Advocacy and Legislation
  • Movement + Industry: Maintaining values in a post-prohibition world
  • Putting Down the Handcuffs: Steps Towards Decriminalizing All Drugs in the United States
  • Unique Perspectives: The Hidden Consequences of the War on Drugs
  • We’re not done yet! The importance of activism in the age of legalization
  • What About the Children?: Families and the War on Drugs
Student Activism
  • Calling for Help Shouldn’t be a Crime: Successful 911 Good Samaritan Policy Strategies
  • From Students to Activists: Organizing to Change Policy
  • Getting the Word Out: Tips for Taking Over Campus Media
  • Protecting Medical Marijuana Patients on Campus: A Strategy for Policy Change
  • When Diplomacy Fails: How to Fight Back Against a Difficult Administration
Movement Building
  • How to be a better advocate: Community Voice and Drug Policy
  • Outreach, Recruitment & Diversity in SSDP: An Open Discussion
  • Privilege & The War on Drugs
Messaging and Media
  • America’s Longest War: Fighting Drug Prohibition Then and Now
  • Media Relations 101 with the Experts
  • The Right on Drugs: Working With New & Old Allies
Career Development

  • Alumni in the Cannabis Industry ­I: Working in the industry while furthering drug policy reform
  • Alumni in the Cannabis Industry II: Building an industry career out of your reform work
  • Developing Sensible Careers: Insights into SSDP’s career services program and alumni association
Harm Reduction
  • Live Music and Drugs: The Conversation We Need to Be Having How
  • Harm Reduction is Helping to End Homelessness
Skills Building
  • Lobby Day Training
  • Online Organizing: tools, tips, and best practices
Legal Issues
  • Building a Legally Sustainable Cannabis Market
  • LSSDP Presents Drug Policy Lawyering: Opportunities and Conflicts in an Evolving Landscape
  • Alumni dinner
  • Awards ceremony, live music, and dance party reception
  • Breakfast with Betty Aldworth
  • Breakfast with Eric Sterling
  • Regional networking and welcome reception

Check out our tentative agenda for more information about SSDP2014 sessions.

And you definitely won’t want to miss the fun on Saturday night! The Wets, a band comprised of SSDP alumni will perform high energy covers of songs from the 60’s through today. Sing along and dance to an evening of celebrating and guest performances from other SSDPers following the awards ceremony, where we’ll recognize outstanding achievements of our students, alumni and supporters. Take a photo in the photo booth to commemorate this once-in-a-lifetime experience!

Register today before online registration closes this Friday 9/12 at 11:59pm EST.