SSDP2016 Congress

A few details on the upcoming Congress that will be held next week during the 2016 Students for Sensible Drug Policy Annual Conference in Arlington, Virginia:


Date, Time, Location (subject to minor changes):

SSDP Congress, Part 1 – Candidate Speeches, Q&A

8:00 PM – 10:00 PM

Rosslyn Ballroom


SSDP Congress, Part 2 – Resolutions & Elections

1:30 PM – 2:55 PM   *During lunch*

Rosslyn Ballroom

There will be a Board of Directors meeting on Sunday (exact time TBD).

The result of board elections will be announced at the beginning of the Awards Ceremony (9pm).


Board Candidates:

We have six open positions on the Board of Directors, and 16 excellent candidates. The applications are available here. Please review the applications prior to Congress, especially if you are a voting member for an active chapter.

*Note: If nobody from your chapter is attending the conference, you will be able to vote on new student board members via an electronic ballot.*



Pursuant to SSDP’s Bylaws, prior to our upcoming annual Congress, the Board is asking for members to propose resolutions to help guide the growth and direction of our organization. These non-binding resolutions are considered by the Board and Staff, and can be a great opportunity for chapters to express input regarding where they want to see SSDP heading. Voting members of active chapters will vote on these proposed resolutions at Congress.


Please submit proposed (ideally single-page) resolutions to prior to Wednesday 4/13 at 9:00 AM EST. A template is available here.


Thanks everyone! So excited for #SSDP2016!!

Lauren A. Mendelsohn
Vice Chair of the Board
Students for Sensible Drug Policy
1011 O St NW #1
Washington, DC 20001
Office: 202-393-5280
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