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Recently, more than 350 Students for Sensible Drug Policy students, alumni, and supporters gathered in Chicago, IL for #SSDP2019. #SSDP2019 was so much more than just a conference: it was an inter-generational family gathering and a forum where we addressed some of the toughest challenges in drug policy right now. And, in the course of a suspected missing person incident which was thankfully resolved, we practiced the very harm reduction principles we live by and strengthened the bonds that hold our beloved community together.

We’re full of hope after this conference, especially after hearing so much positive feedback from first-time attendees. Students have been an integral part of every social movement of the last 100 years, and SSDP will be a major reason why the War on Drugs ends, when it finally does.

Side Pocket Images beautifully captured the energy of #SSDP2019 and what this conference means to our community:

Young person speaking in a hallway

See more conference moments with the #SSDP2019 and #SSDPlive hashtags on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.  

For those who were with us in Chicago, we miss you already. Please evaluate the conference if you haven’t had a chance to do so already. Your feedback is valuable to us and will make #SSDP2020 even better than this year!

If you took photos at the conference, you can add them to our shared folder here. We’re also compiling notes, slides, and other resources from #SSDP2019 for you to refer back to in a shared Google Drive folder here.

Keep an eye out for more conference reflections, materials, and videos as they are added here in the coming days so that you can still benefit from the educational material even if you weren’t able to join us in person. 

Finally, save the date for #SSDP2020 + Lobby Day: March 27-30, 2020 in Baltimore, MD and Washington, DC!