SSDP’s Federal Policy Agenda for the 117th Congress Has Been Released

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This entry has been published on April 5, 2021 and may be out of date.

Last month, SSDP’s U.S. Policy Council completed our Federal Policy Agenda for the 117th Congress. Written by SSDP members, alumni, and supporters, this document shows federal representatives and administrators our roadmap for fighting the War on Drugs and promoting sensible drug policy over the next 2 years. The agenda consists of six main sections, covering various community interests as they relate to current federal legislation.


1. End federal cannabis prohibition with reparative justice measures

2. Fully fund juvenile justice reform and remove obstacles to opportunity

3. Reduce barriers to scientific research 

4. Mitigate the overdose crisis through harm reduction policies 

5. Foster international drug policy reform 

6. Thoroughly change our punitive approach to substance use, sentencing, and imprisonment 

With Oregon decriminalizing personal drug possession, marijuana decriminalization language passing in the House, and Congress removing the Aid Elimination Penalty from the Higher Education Act, we are seeing the tides turn towards sensible drug policy. None of these victories would have happened without tireless advocacy on the Hill and in our communities. Now is the time for our young people’s movement to end the War on Drugs for good.

Here is our U.S. Federal Policy Agenda for the 117th Congress. Additionally, here is a one-page Executive Summary of the Federal Policy Agenda that includes our top asks for Congress through 2022. If you would like to get more involved with our federal policy work, please email