Staying Above the Influence of Drug War Propaganda

Staying Above the Influence of Drug War Propaganda

October 17 is “Above the Influence Day”and the Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP) is encouraging people and organizations across the country to participate in training webinars that will undoubtedly be chock full of misinformation and scare tactics. So, we’re encouraging you to live above the influence, too, — above the influence of uninformed drug war propaganda.

To help you arm yourself with truth, knowledge and critical thinking, here’s a quick list of our favorite sources for the true story. Use them wisely and use them often! – Harm reduction – DRCNet Online library of drug policy – Facts and statistics – Honest information about drugs. – How to flex your rights in police encounters – Media Awareness Project: a drugs and drug policy media archive – Honest drug education

Movies – our compiled list of useful documentaries

Books – our compiled list of useful books about the drug war


For more ways to stay above the influence of misinformation, check out our resources page and more helpful links here.