Stefan Reed, Chapter Leader of the Week

  • Name: Stefan Reed
  • School: Northern Virginia Community College
  • Studying: Art Education with a minor in Non-profit Management
  • SSDP NOVA, Chapter President
SSDP: When did you 1st get involved with SSDP? Stefan: Fall ’09 after seeing a flyer on a TV at school. SSDP: What has been your favorite SSDP experience ? Stefan: Going to my first SSDP National Conference in San Francisco last year. The level of camaraderie amount the SSDP members from all over the world was amazing! Also, it was great to see how far California has come to reform drug laws in their state. SSDP: What issues are most important for your chapter? Stefan: We work the hardest on marijuana legalization as well as educating the public about drug use with a “safe sex” approach, vs. “abstinence only” approach. We also like to have a great time while we work toward reform. We play hard, and work harder. SSDP: Do you have any events planned for the this semester? Stefan:
  • FILM 10 Rules for Dealing With Police – Tues, Jan 25
  • FILM DMT: The Spirit Molecule – Tues, Feb 8
  • LIVE Open Mic Night – Thurs, Feb 24
  • EDUCATE St. Patricks Day Alcohol Harm Awareness Day March 16th
  • FUN Tie-Dye Day – Tues, March 29
  • FUN Kickball Tournament – Sat, Apr 9th
  • SPEAKER ML Mathre Patients Out of Time – Tues, Apr 12
  • EDUCATE 4/20 Info Day and Baked Sale – Wed, Apr 20
  • FUN Non-Denominational Egg Hunt – Mon, Apr 25
  • EDUCATE Cinco de Mayo Day of Remembrance – Thurs, May 5
SSDP: What do you like best about being part of SSDP? Stefan: I love that my chapter has turned into a group of friends. We don’t do much the ISN’T SSDP related. When we have something to go to, where wear our SSDPness proudly! SSDP: Do you have any advice for other chapter leaders? Stefan: Be friends! hang out with your chapter members regularly! The more you hang out, the more SSDP stuff gets done. Also, people like star charts…yeah…1st grade style! SSDP: What’s your favorite “SSDP quote”? Stefan: I love how Stacia Cosner’s constant repetition of “Remember…don’t consent to searches” has become a farewell statement among SSDPers. SSDP: Any fun facts about you? Stefan: Drug policy, political activism, stencil art, drawing, graphic design, skiing, hiking, playing softball (I play for The One Hitters), hosting vintage video game parties and massive dance parties. Honestly educating the public, woodworking, photo/videography, making SSDP known by EVERYONE! Stefan spent 8 1/2 years in Germany, while attending Middle school, High school and his first year of College.