Students for Sensible Drug Policy Endorses Amendment 64

Students for Sensible Drug Policy Endorses Amendment 64

I’m reporting to you live from on the ground in Colorado, where I’m helping to get out the marijuana vote in the final days before the election! Our students all over the country have been making thousands of phone calls to Colorado voters, and now we’re here on the front lines activating voters and helping push Amendment 64 over the finish line.



Our official endorsement of the initiative:

Students for Sensible Drug Policy endorses Amendment 64, Colorado’s

Yes on Amendment 64historic marijuana regulation ballot measure, which will make the state among the first in the nation to license and regulate marijuana production, distribution, and possession, for persons over twenty-one years of age. Marijuana prohibition has a disproportionately large impact upon young people with consequences that include not only arrest, but also denial of federal student financial aid. This sensible drug policy will enable law enforcement to focus on real crimes and stop the arrest of otherwise law-abiding citizens.


This is truly a historic initiative and a truly historic time. I believe that these are the final days of prohibition! We’re not there yet though! So please make a few phone calls and help make history!