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Mandatory and Suspicionless Drug Testing Program at Linn State Technical College Ruled Unconstitutional

Students of Linn State Technical College in Jefferson City, Missouri celebrated a win for their Fourth Amendment rights today when a U.S. district court judge ruled the school’s mandatory drug testing policy unconstitutional. In the fall of 2011, the two-year public college enacted a suspicion less drug testing program that required all incoming freshmen and students returning from a six-month

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The Linn State SSDP Saga

As our chapter prepares for the first ever Students for Sensible Drug Policy event on our campus, I reflect on the cause of events that sparked our motivation. This semester, Linn State Technical College demanded that every incoming student submit to an unconstitutional drug test to remain a registered student. Along with student’s having their Fourth Amendment infringed upon, also

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SSDP and ACLU hold California Criminal Justice series

A Critical Eye on Criminal Justice The students of Golden Gate Law School’s American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) are proud to host a series of panels designed to educate, inform, and reflect on California’s criminal justice system. We encourage your attendance to provide insight and speak with others concerning California’s criminal justice system. Please see below for more information about

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Strip Searching Students is Not Ok. Duh!

I’m not sure what the school administrators were thinking when they decided it was necessary to strip search 13 year old Savannah Redding because they suspected she was hiding ibuprofen in her underwear. Not only did the humiliating and unconstitutional search not find any of that oh-so dangerous ibuprofen, but those who carried out the search contended that they had done nothing

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