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Marijuana: Gateway to the White House

Indiana’s Republican governor, Mitch Daniels, has recently been named a possible contender in the GOP presidential primary. Perhaps realizing that the Oval Office’s three most recent occupants were marijuana users, the governor decided that it couldn’t hurt to expand on his own bust story from May 1970. The Daily Princetonian reported in a recent interview with Daniels that, “Officers found enough marijuana

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Amendment Withdrawn!

In short – we won the battle. Rep. Mark Souder withdrew his amendment to bar financial aid from students with drug possession convictions. He said ” I was probably going to lose today.” This war ain’t over though. A compromise to the amendment will be made in conference committee and it is expected that students convicted of felony drug crimes

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HEA Reform is Close

The HEA Aid Elimination Penalty, introduced by Rep. Mark Souder (R-IN), has been a thorn in the side of educators, students, and social justice activists across the country since its creation in 1998. This year, we may see significant reform to this unfair law. A bill has been introduced byRep. George Miller (D-CA), that if passed, would remove the penalty for students with drug

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