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3 new SSDP Chapter Leaders

Announcing the latest additions to SSDP’s chapter network; we’re proud to add the following three new chapters to the map! Daytona State College – Daytona Beach, FL (Southern Region) When Patrick Moo called our office for the first time at the beginning of December, he was already ahead of the game. He was already in the process of starting a chapter at

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Cops Play Wii During Drug Raid

Surveillance video from a Florida home shows police playing Wii bowling during a drug raid. As investigators searched the home for drugs, some drug task force members found other ways to occupy their time. Within 20 minutes of entering Difalco’s house, some of the investigators found a Wii video bowling game and began bowling frame after frame.   To be

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The Drug War Makes Us Stupid

A few days ago, SSDP’s ED Micah Daigle received this email: Dear Micah, I think personally it is absolutely disgusting that you would have a story on Rachel Hoffman that comes to her defense. She was everything that was wrong with this situation. She was helping the war on drugs. I don’t care how the police twisted her mind and

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3 Months in Jail… for TicTacs

I don’t actually know the brand of the mints but who cares? Back in May of 2005, Donald May was driving home from work in Kissimmee, FL when he was pulled over for expired tags. What happened next is just plain outrageous: When officers pulled Donald May over for an expired tag, they thought themints he was chewing were crack and

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