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Student Asks Rick Santorum About Sending Non-violent Drug Offenders to Prison

On the Thursday before the New Hampshire Primary Election, an intrepid SSDPer posed newly anointed GOP top tier candidate and well known family man, Rick Santorum, with a family oriented question. The student asked whether Santorum would continue the practice of ripping families apart by sending non-violent drug offenders to prison. You can view the exchange here. Stunned by the intensity

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Drug Testing for Corporate Welfare Recipients

The proponents of the War on Drugs never take a rest from conjuring up new and cruel ways to beat up on vulnerable populations for political gain. 2011 saw the rapid emergence of a particular nasty variety of this drug warrior tact, drug testing the poor to receive public assistance. Regardless of how one feels about the concept of public

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NFL Pro Bowler Flexes Rights During Police Encounter

One of my favorite things I’ve been able to do through SSDP is present information on how to handle yourself in a police encounter. A frequent question asked during these sessions, many people wonder, “what’s the of point denying consent to a search? If a cop wants to search your car, they’ll search it anyway.” Well, NFL Defensive Tackle and former

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