Foro en la Facultad de Economía UNAM // Forum in UNAM Economics Department

*English translation below. Estudiantes por una Política Sensata de Drogas (EPSD), ReverdeSer Colectivo y la Facultad de Economía de la UNAM invitan al FORO RETOS Y PROPUESTAS PARA LA CONSTRUCCIÓN DE UNA POLÍTICA SENSATA HACIA LAS DROGAS. El análisis entorno al estudio de drogas es complicado debido a que el tema tiene una extensa diversidad de aristas. Además, no existe

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SSDP Mexico students participate in International Forum!

After the SSDP UNAM chapter read that the Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico (UNAM) wanted to host a big international forum to discuss drug policy in Mexico, we knew we needed to be part of it—and act fast! Andrés wrote a letter to the organizers telling them that we wanted to participate at the forum, and it didn’t matter how. 

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The Story of Self, Us and Now

Yesterday in the weekly SSDP/UNAM (National Autonomous University of Mexico) chapter meeting, each group member shared their story of “why” they are involved in drug policy in 2 minutes. The stories that emerged were powerful. Our UNAM students arrived to SSDP and drug policy in very different ways.  One student spoke about his fathers’ alcoholism and attending ALANON (family and friends of

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