The Drug War is Over!

In today’s Washington Post:
Law enforcement officials announced criminal drug-trafficking charges Thursday against 43 people in the United States and Mexico, including suspected leaders of prominent cartels in a country that has been plagued with gun violence. […] The indictments “demonstrate our unwavering commitment to root out the leaders of these criminal enterprises wherever they may be found,” said U.S. Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr.
Awesome. All the evil doers have been defeated. No more drug abuse and no more drug trade violence now, right? Let’s call up George W. Bush and see if we can borrow his banner: In all seriousness, this is very BAD news for the people of Mexico. All it means is that several very lucrative job openings have been created in a multi-billion dollar industry, and the job application process involves lots of bloodshed. Trying to stop cartel violence by arresting cartel leaders is like trying to save the Titanic by punching more holes in it.