This repeal day, help end prohibition and your gift will be matched

This repeal day, help end prohibition and your gift will be matched

This December, your gift will be doubled!
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Celebrate Repeal Day by making a gift to SSDP to show your support for ending the War on Drugs, and your tax-deductible gift will be doubled.

85 years ago today, alcohol prohibition was repealed in the United States. From 1920-1933, the prohibition of alcohol led to the consumption of dangerous, unregulated products of unknown provenance; rampant violence linked to criminal organizations that controlled the supply of illegal alcohol; and wasted government spending in a futile effort to stop people from drinking. Of course, it was all in the name of protecting children. Sound familiar?

Today, the prohibitionist policies of the War on Drugs are similarly failing to protect young people from harm. Students for Sensible Drug Policy has been a leader in the fight to end drug prohibition for 20 years. We’ve made the difference in passing sensible reforms, spoken out about the urgent need for health-based approaches to drug policy, and trained a generation of effective activists who are now leaders in their fields of work and in their communities.

But don’t just take our word for it. Check out our brand new annual report to see the incredible strides we’ve made in the past year toward our vision of a post-prohibition society. I know you’ll be as impressed by the student leaders of this movement as I am, so we’re announcing something special: today through December 31, Green Lion Partners and 4Front are matching every gift made to SSDP up to $50,000.

Donate today and double your impact.