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2019 is nearly here, and there’s still time to make a gift to Students for Sensible Drug Policy before our match deadline tonight. We know you’re receiving lots of messages from deserving non-profits right now, but I’d like to take a moment to tell you why SSDP is uniquely important and share some of our plans for the new year.

Students have been an integral part of every successful social change movement in history, and the decades-long struggle for drug policy reform is no different. For 20 years, SSDP has led the charge to end the senseless War on Drugs, growing from a small group of college students chatting online into a global movement. Our network of 5000+ advocates in 31 countries works every day to bring more sensible policies to their communities, educate their peers, and build a community of people who seek to create a more sensible future — and if our past wins are any indicator, it’s working. Simply put, we cannot end the War on Drugs without a strong and well-funded student movement for justice, safety, and education.

We’re coming up on the hottest legislative season we’ve ever seen. Community-based harm reduction measures to address the overdose crisis will need our support in perhaps dozens of state legislatures and on every campus we can reach. Decriminalization measures will be introduced to advance justice. Therapeutic research on psychedelics will continue toward approval and the leaders who will shape that work are SSDPers now.

We’ll be making serious pushes to advance cannabis reforms alongside our allies on Capitol Hill and at least eight state legislatures, we’ve already started working with advocates in four states to place reforms on the ballot in 2020, and the passage of federal reform in the next Congressional session is looking more likely, meaning we’ll need to step up our game on the Hill.

If we’re going make 2019 into the tipping point it could be, we need you with us. There’s no better time than right now to make your personally significant gift. Green Lion Partners and 4Front are generously matching all gifts to SSDP until midnight, up to our $50,000 goal.

Can we count on your support?