Top 8 SSDP Triumphs of 2011

Top 8 SSDP Triumphs of 2011

We’d like to share our top eight triumphs of the year.  Check it out!

8. Students ambassadors at United Nations

We were granted official “consultative status” by the United Nations, which means we are the only US-based drug policy organization with a seat at the UN’s committee that handles drug policy. Our students will be rubbing elbows with diplomats, weighing in on the youth perspective — from a youth perspective. Read more

7. SSDP’s International Conference: inspiring students to tell their stories

We trained over 400 students in some of the same cutting-edge storytelling skills that corporate CEOs pay thousands of dollars for!  And now those students have returned to their communities to train others. We also held three regional conferences this fall in Boston, Chicago, and the Washington, DC area.  Read more

6. Historic marijuana legalization bill introduced in Congress

Students key to federal legalization legislation Students’ role in historic federal legislation SSDP staff and students played an integral role in the introduction of the first-ever marijuana legalization bill in Congress!    Read more

5. Over 20 Candlelight Vigils for Victims of the War on Drugs

On June 17th, the 40th anniversary of Richard Nixon declaring “War on Drugs”, SSDP joined forces with the Drug Policy Alliance on this important day of action.  SSDP chapters organized candlelight vigils in 22 cities across the world to honor the memory of victims of the drug war. Read more

4. Reforming local laws

SSDPers in several states have been moving and shaking on the state level this year, most notably in New York, Illinois, and Connecticut. In New York, our students played a vital role in advocating for the passage of a law that now provides protection from being charged or prosecuted for drug or alcohol possession for individuals who call 911 for themselves or a friend. SSDPers in Connecticut had an exciting victory with statewide decriminalization of marijuana, David Haseltine writes about his experience lobbying for this change for the Huffington Post here. More recently, the Illinois House passed SB 1701, the Emergency Medical Services Access Act to Save Lives, Rebecca Welker writes about her experience advocating for this reform on our blog hereRead more

3. New office one block from the White House and new staff

    The SSDP national staff has changed quite a bit this year.  We’ve welcomed three new staff members: Drew Stromberg, and Devon Tackels comprise our newly formed outreach staff team.  And Zara Snapp has come on board as International Liason, working from our Mexico City office, which we opened in early 2011.  In June, we moved into a new headquarters in Washington DC — just two blocks from the White House.  (Actually, it’s not “new” at all, since we’re in the oldest standing skyscraper in the world!) Read more       Left to right: Devon Tackels, Aaron Houston, Stacia Cosner, Drew Stromberg, Zara Snapp (not pictured: Edward Spriggs, Garret Overstreet)  

2. Blocking unconstitutional drug testing at public community college

When a student at Linn State Technical College in Linn, Missouri — a public college — heard that his school was going to randomly drug test him, he called us first. Our staff called the president of the college and promised to help sue him if he proceeded with his program. We were pleased to work with the ACLU to coordinate plaintiffs. And our team of scrappy, pro-bono lawyers and law students who serve on our student-led board of directors drafted SSDP’s amicus brief in the case.  Read more.

1. Announcing SSDP2012…

Recently, we announced SSDP2012 – our 13th Annual International Students for Sensible Drug Policy Conference – taking place March 24-25, 2012 at the Hyatt Regency Denver Tech Center in Denver, Colorado.  There’s still a few weeks to take advantage of early bird registration rates: $45 for students, $65 for alumni, and $95 for non-student supporters.  We’re also accepting session proposals for SSDP2012, find details and submission form here.  Can’t make it?  Please consider making a tax-deductible donation to help make this once-in-a-lifetime event possible. Read more Back to top