Trevor Hosterman, Chapter Leader of the Week

  • Name: Trevor Hosterman
  • Position: Co-founder/President, WCU SSDP
  • School: West Chester University
  • Major: Political Science
  • Location: West Chester, PA
SSDP: When did you 1st get involved with SSDP? Trevor: I first got involved with SSDP in the fall of 2009 when my cofounder, Josh Merer, and I decided we wanted to make a change on our campus and in our community when it came to drug policy and harm reduction. SSDP: What has been your favorite SSDP experience? Trevor: My whole experience with SSDP has been remarkable. From conferences to camping trips, everything has been amazing. One of my favorite experience as a chapter was when we had the opportunity to host the former Governor of New Mexico, Gary Johnson. SSDP: What issues are most important for your chapter? Trevor: Right now one of the biggest issues we’re looking into as a chapter is how to get our school to adopt a medical amnesty policy. They told us they won’t do anything until the state does something first. So as a chapter we want to make sure our state representatives reintroduce SB 488 this year. SB 488 called for state wide medical amnesty in cases of alcohol poisoning. SSDP: Do you have any events planned for the this semester?  Trevor: We sure do! We’re kicking off the semester with a show at a local venue with Roots of Creation headlining on February 5. In the works we have a lobby day at the capital, a camping trip and we have a couple more things in the works. SSDP: What do you like best about being part of SSDP? Trevor: The wonderful, passionate friends I have met along the way. SSDP: Any fun facts about you? Trevor: I love concerts. I think I went to about sixty or so in 2010. You might also say I’m a fan of the great outdoors. SSDP: Do you have any advice for other chapter leaders? Trevor: Keep going what you’re doing. Positive thought yields positive action. Connect with the West Chester University SSDP chapter on Facebook & Twitter. Back to top