U.S. Members – Take Our Limited Drug Decriminalization Policy Position Survey

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This entry has been published on February 4, 2021 and may be out of date.

SSDP’s U.S. Policy Council is accepting feedback from our membership regarding our U.S. policy position on limited drug decriminalization measures, such as psilocybin decriminalization or ‘Decriminalize Nature’ campaigns. These measures range from decriminalizing certain plant-based psychedelics to making certain plant-based psychedelics lowest law enforcement priorities.

Currently, “SSDP does not prioritize a strategy to decriminalize, legalize, or regulate currently illegal drugs one-by-one, with the exception of cannabis or the most highly stigmatized drugs when such reforms comply with our endorsement criteria (link to the endorsement criteria is in our policy position below). As in all cases, individual SSDP chapters are free to endorse and support initiatives in the spirit of the SSDP mission and therefore may choose to support or endorse individual drug decriminalization, legalization, or regulation reform initiatives.” For example, SSDP did not endorse the initiative to make certain plant-based psychedelics a lowest level law enforcement priority in DC in 2020 (Initiative 81), but our George Washington University SSDP chapter chose to endorse the initiative.

Longstanding alumni and supporters of our network are free to take this survey, but we are mainly considering feedback from members and recent alumni.

Before participating in the survey, you are required to read the limited drug decriminalization policy position below. Please also read the Psychedelic Exceptionalism vs ‘Decrim All’ piece written by some of our members before completing the survey.

Psychedelic Exceptionalism opinion piece

Limited drug decriminalization policy position

Take the survey using this link! Surveys are due February 19th at 11:59pm PST.