The University of Connecticut SSDP chapter hosts a weekly radio show in which they discuss drug policy, student activism, organizing, and other intersecting topics. These shows air for half an hour on the UConn radio station, WHUS. Below are excerpts of past episodes.


2/27/14: Regulate Rhode Island: https://soundcloud.com/uconn-ssdp/ssdpradio-2-27-14

SSDP Radio interviews Jared Moffat, director of the Regulate Rhode Island tax and regulate initiative. This episode focuses on the details of the initiative, the political landscape of the legislative session, and how students can be effective advocates and activists in such endeavors.

3/20/14:Militarization and Medication: https://soundcloud.com/uconn-ssdp/ssdp-radio-3-20-14

SSDP Radio invites alumnus Blayne Sapelli to speak about the militarization of police and the way this affects drug policy enforcement. Also discussed in this episode is the proposed Medical Marijuana program for New York.

4/17/14: Intersectionality: https://soundcloud.com/uconn-ssdp/ssdp-radio-4-17-14

SSDP Radio discusses negotiating issues of race, activism, and privilege in circles of academia and student advocacy.


For more information, or to be a guest speaker, contact Victoria Chilinski at victoria.chilinski@uconn.edu
To subscribe to these updates, every Thursday from 10:30-11am, tune in to 91.7FM if you’re in the Storrs, CT area, or you can tune in online at whus.org. Check out the UConn SSDP facebook page at facebook.com/uconnssdp for episode announcements and other chapter updates!



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