Vilmarie, SSDP, and Mental Health Services

Students for Sensible Drug Policy’s Board of Directors is comprised of some of the brightest, most dedicated young drug policy reformers in the world. They share a commitment to ending the War on Drugs, but each of them goes about it in their own unique ways. Whether they will become policy experts, lawyers, or mental health practitioners, the tax-deductible contribution you make to SSDP today will help us guide them as they build the skills to become leaders in their fields, like Vilmarie Narloch.   V-Narloch-Bio-Photo-bwVilmarie was elected as a member of our student-led Board of Directors earlier this year, and she is working to imbue harm reduction in counseling approaches to substance use. A doctoral student at Roosevelt University, Vilmarie will soon become a clinical psychologist with a focus in harm reduction and substance use treatment with adolescent and young adult populations, and will teach the same as an adjunct professor. She is working to revamp Illinois’ Certified Alcohol and Drug Abuse counseling licensure and to create a new CADC training program at Roosevelt University which includes a focus on harm reduction.   Vilmarie was a graduate research and outreach assistant at the Illinois Consortium on Drug Policy at Roosevelt University, and currently provides crisis intervention and therapy services for adults who may have limited resources or are uninsured at a health department in Illinois. She has organized large-scale events including a rally with faith based organizations of color at the State of Illinois building in Chicago in 2011, two International Overdose awareness days in Illinois, Annual Forums on Drug Policy, and an SSDP Midwest Regional Conference and activism boot camp.   Vilmarie became a student member of SSDP in 2009 and will graduate next year. Help us strengthen our network of dynamic, impactful students like Vilmarie by making a tax-deductible donation today.