Volunteer at an SSDP AMPLIFY Show

Volunteer at an SSDP AMPLIFY Show

Hey everybody,


A new year is upon us and hopefully all your chapters are starting to rock. With the new year comes lots of awesome opportunities to help spread the word about SSDP, and one of those ways is the AMPLIFY Project!

In case you’re unfamiliar, AMPLIFY is a project between SSDP and a select group of nationally touring bands. When those bands come through your town, SSDP chapters have the chance to help promote the show on your campus and in your city. And in exchange for promoting the show, the bands will place two lucky chapter members on the guest list of that show and usually provide a table for you to promote SSDP! What could be better than ending the drug war while groovin’ to some awesome tunes?


I know, all this just has you salivating with excitement, and you want to know how you can help.


Head over to ssdp.org/amplify and volunteer for a showSlightly StoopidLotusGiant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad and a few more bands have shows across the nation over the next few months, and are kind enough to let us help out. They care about our movement and are helping fight bad drug policy with us!


If you have any questions, just shoot me an email at amplify@ssdp.org. I’m more than happy to help you guys start rocking this, so let’s do it!

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