Watch SSDP Israel’s First Live Webinar on Sunday

Watch SSDP Israel’s First Live Webinar on Sunday

On Sunday, 22 October, SSDP Israel will be hosting the first in what they hope will be many informational webinars on drug policy in Israel. The webinar will be broadcast at 9:00pm Israel time (GMT +3) via Facebook Live on the Halalit TV Facebook Page.

The webinar will be an opportunity to learn about the past, present, and future of drug policy in Israel. The impact prohibition has on Palestinian and Arab minorities will be discussed in detail, as well as reflections on what activists are doing on the ground right now to work towards a more sensible drug policy. Anyone who wants to submit questions for the participants to answer can send them to before Sunday.

The webinar will feature three participants:

Oren Leibovitz, head of the “Green Leaf” party and founder/editor of “Cannabis” magazine. In the 2015 elections, he announced that if elected, one of his goals would be to “stop the hounding of marijuana smokers” by law enforcement and the state, in addition to the “greater development of the medical marijuana industry in Israel and abroad.” Leibovitz founded three years ago and it has since become a highly popular one-stop source aggregating news from across Israel and the world about medical marijuana and legalization. It also acts as a trade magazine of sorts, listing medical marijuana providers in Israel and providing information for people looking to become medical marijuana recipients.

Yaron Ten-Brink, a journalist and former editor at i24 NEWS. He’s also the editor of “HaMashpiim” (The Influencers), a TV show featured in a major Israeli TV channel.

Tamer Nafar, an MC, actor, and activist. He recently starred in the autobiographical film “Junction 48”, which depicts the life of an Arab growing up in Lod, a town considered to be the “drug trafficking capital of Israel” and a “mixed” city of Arabs and Jews. His band, DAM Palestine, his hip-hop oriented as well and the lyrics deal with issues of race, gender, inequality, and identity. To check out some of Tamer’s work, check out this music video from the soundtrack of “Junction 48” and this music video from DAM Palestine.