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Students for Sensible Drug Policy: Start Making Sense
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This entry has been published on August 3, 2021 and may be out of date.

Have you ever wanted to work for Students for Sensible Drug Policy?

We’re hiring for THREE positions, and this could be your chance to land your dream job! Working for SSDP is an opportunity to serve our network of students who are leading the charge to end the disastrous War on Drugs and heal the harms of drug prohibition. SSDP is a close-knit team that works collaboratively through Holacracy, an organizational management system that distributes accountability among team members and allows each staff member to own their areas of work. SSDP is overseen by the Board of Directors, which maintains a majority of student members and keeps SSDP accountable to the people we serve.

SSDP is seeking a Pacific Region Outreach Coordinator to develop strong student leaders and cultivate active, effective SSDP activists and chapters in the Pacific Region of the United States; facilitating communication among chapter leaders; reporting regularly on the health of the chapter network; and collaborating with other staff, members of the board, alumni, and other members of the SSDP network to further the mission of SSDP.

SSDP is seeking a New York State Coordinator to manage chapter support, alumni engagement, and policy campaigns in the state of New York with a strong emphasis on introducing our model decriminalization resolution through coalitions with new and existing allies. The New York State Coordinator will also oversee our fundraising efforts in New York State and provide organizational support for our New York State Chapters. 

SSDP is seeking a Communications Manager to envision, oversee, and execute SSDP’s communications strategy and practices. They are primarily responsible for managing SSDP’s external communications channels, digital storytelling, and coordinating with the media. Additional roles and responsibilities will be assigned based on experience, training, interest, organizational need, and competence. 

If these positions sound like a fit for you, apply now! Applications will be reviewed immediately and accepted until the position is filled. Be sure to pay close attention to the instructions when sending your résumé and cover letter. We can’t wait to hear from you!