What to know about the SSDP Board of Directors elections

What to know about the SSDP Board of Directors elections

SSDP2017 is only a few days away and twenty amazing SSDPers have applied to run for the Board of Directors.

SSDP is governed by a Board of Directors and a Board of Trustees, a designated body of the Board of Directors. Elected student members and appointed alumni make up the Board of Directors; all are volunteers and each member serves a two-year term. Members are expected to fundraise $1,000 annually to contribute to the organization. Some of the responsibilities include: crafting strategy for the organization, monitoring compliance and financial affairs, overseeing SSDP’s Executive Director, planning the annual SSDP strategy summit, and preparing Congress. Each member serves on various Board committees that range from international outreach to fundraising. If you’re interested in looking at the bylaws, check them out here.

This year, twenty candidates are running for six spots on the Board. Candidates come from chapters all across the U.S., Nigeria, and Ghana. The first Congress session begins at 8 pm on Friday, March 24, at the annual conference in Portland. Candidates will answer questions about their leadership capacity, fundraising capability, and vision for drug policy in front of their SSDP peers. Before the conference, be sure to check out the candidate applications or the candidate highlights if you’re in a rush.

Voting takes place at the second Congress session being held at 1 pm on Saturday, March 25, during the conference lunch break. Each chapter will have one vote and will get to rank their top six candidates for the Board of Directors. Chapters not in attendance can cast their votes online; instructions for doing this will be released in the coming days. During the Second Congress session, chapters will also have a chance to vote on organization-wide resolutions submitted by fellow chapters.

Election results for the Board of Directors will be announced at the Awards Ceremony on Saturday March 25 at 8 pm. In addition to the six newly elected Board members, two alternates will be selected in the case that a Board member resigns or otherwise becomes vacant.