What topics should SSDP leadership discuss? Vote today!

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Each year, the Students for Sensible Drug Policy Strategy Summit convenes our board and staff, along with invited students and alumni, to review our progress over the last year, set our goals for the coming year, and engage in other high-level discussions related to the organization and our work.

This year, as part of our ongoing efforts to engage our membership in organizational decision-making, we are inviting the SSDP community to vote on agenda item proposals.

You will notice that this form requires you to be logged in. This is so that we can prevent voting more than once per person and weigh votes from students more heavily than others. We take your privacy very seriously and once your student/non-student status is determined, your identifying information (your email address) will be deleted from this dataset.

Voting is only open from May 10-May 14, so take a few moments to vote today.