What's in store for SSDP2012…

What's in store for SSDP2012…

We’re proud to announce lots of exciting sessions that will take place during SSDP2012: The 13th Annual International Students for Sensible Drug Policy Conference. In keeping with our theme, “Learn. Train. Act.” there will be three types of sessions: panels, workshops, and roundtable discussions. Please note that schedule and content for the conference is subject to change.  More details and updates will be posted at ssdp.org/conference


•    Communicating Our Message: Tips From The Pros •    Perfect Spokespeople: Police and Parents •    Just Say Know: Reality Based Drug Education •    Global Drug Policy: From the Field to the UN •    Cannabusiness: From Activist to Entrepreneur •    Schools Not Prisons, Not School TO Prisons! •    Marijuana Reform: 2012 Statewide Ballot Initiatives •    Colorado: A Model for Medical Marijuana Regulation •    Case Study: Beating Mandatory Student Drug Testing


•    Speaking Truth To Power: Getting Elected Officials On The Record •    Practical First Aid For Partygoers •    Shaking The Money Tree •    Practicing Non-violent Communication •    Finding The Leader Within You •    Anti-Oppression Training* *Spaces for participants is limited for this special session.  Please email conference@ssdp.org to reserve your spot.

Roundtable Discussions

• Saving Lives By Changing Laws: Good Samaritan/Medical Amnesty Policies • How to use a non-drug policy career to fight the war on drugs • Raising The Bar: Law Students for Sensible Drug Policy • AMPLIFYing Our Message: Recruiting At Concerts And this is just a taste of the full conference schedule, so stay tuned for updates on keynote speakers, alumni events, our awards ceremony and concert and more! Register here today. See you in Denver! Back to top