Will we see you at SSDP’s Sensible Celebration?

Will we see you at SSDP’s Sensible Celebration?

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Green Lion Partners invites you to join us and Students for Sensible Drug Policy at a Sensible Celebration in Oakland on Monday, June 12. Green Lion Partners is a business strategy firm focused on early stage development in the cannabis industry. We operate Dipstick Vapes, LeafList, and Natural Order Supply and invest in and advise a variety of other cannabis companies driven by our mission to improve public perception of cannabis — and that’s where SSDP comes in.

We support SSDP because young people are indispensable in the fight to end prohibition. The War on Drugs is waged in the name of young people, but too often our voices are absent from conversations about drug policy. SSDP’s members are using their voices to push back: they made 70,000 phone calls to voters in states that voted to legalize cannabis last year, and they’re speaking to their school administrators, elected officials, and to their peers about ending prohibitionist drug policies that do more harm than good. And they’re really, really good at it.

If you’re part of the cannabis industry, believe in ending the devastating War on Drugs, or simply think it’s neat that SSDP builds students into leaders, join us in supporting SSDP by coming to the Sensible Celebration. If you’ve been to an SSDP party before, you already know it’s well worth the ticket price to meet the amazing people who are drawn in by SSDP’s values while supporting a great cause. If you can’t make it to the party, join the Sensible Society or make a one-time donation

SSDP’s Sensible Celebration
Classic Cars West
411 26th St, Oakland
Monday, June 12 7:30 – 11pm
Admission: $100 in advance or $150 at the door
Current students are eligible for free admission with a volunteer shift.
Please share the event via Facebook or by forwarding this e-mail.

We hope to see you there!