You helped us raise $100,000!

You helped us raise $100,000!

50 days ago, SSDP was in trouble. A significant grant we had historically relied on was held up and at risk of not coming through, and it looked like we might have to scale back our efforts to fight the Drug War in 2014. But before giving up hope, we launched a crowdfunding campaign and reached out to our supporters to see if we could make up some of the difference, and wow, did you come through!

SSDP Indiegogo campaign

Just hours before the deadline, we broke $100,000! / screenshot credit: Sam Tracy

We set out with the ambitious goal of raising $100,000 in only 50 days. To be honest, some of us weren’t so sure we could do it. That’s a huge amount of money for any group, let alone a lean-and-mean nonprofit with a very small staff and an annual budget of less than $500,000. But our amazing network of students, alumni, and supporters rallied to the cause — 449 donors contributed a total of $100,641, bringing us over our goal and ensuring we’ll have the resources we need to continue our important work.

And even more great news: near the end of the campaign we were notified by our major donor that we will still be receiving our large grant for 2014, meaning that rather than being used to make up for losses elsewhere, this crowdfunding campaign will allow us to seriously step up our efforts. This money will help us provide free starter kits for new chapters across the globe, more scholarships for students to attend our 2014 International Conference and Lobby Day, and one-on-one staff support for thousands of students working to end drug prohibition, one campus, state, and national policy at a time.

Every single dollar contributed to this campaign will help us pursue our mission, but we’d especially like to thank the generosity of Scott Banister, who donated at our $50,000 “Superhero” level. In appreciation for his support, we’ll be creating the Scott and Cyan Banister Award to be presented at our annual awards ceremony. We also greatly appreciate the group of Colorado businesses who provided a $10,000 matching donation to help bring us over the top. We couldn’t have done it without them or the numerous others who chipped in and became a part of this campaign:


Scott and Cyan Banister




Vicente Sederberg, LLC


Anonymous (3)

3D Cannabis Center

Jim Marty and Associates

Mountain Medicines

Kevin Herbert

Joby Pritzker

Charles Smith


Anonymous (3)

Hotel Company Inc.

Alec Foster

Davis Kiyo

Aundre Speciale

Eric Sterling


Frances Fu

Katrina Haffner

Sahana Rajan

Kellen Russoniello


Anonymous (8)

Arya Adibi

James Anthony

Dale Bewan

Kathy Bonner

Kathy Cadigan

Samuel Caplan

John Chamberlain

Micah Daigle

Eric Eisenberg

Neill Franklin

Frances Fu

Jacob Gordon

Danielle Harbison

Randy Hencken

Robert Hencken

Todd Huffman

Richard Kennedy

Paul Kuhn

Ted Kurkland

Andrew Livingston

Kris Lotlikar

Sean Luse

Madalyn McElwain

John Morrissy

Amanda Muller

Genifer Murray

Kat Murti

Diane Naughton

Josh Nermon

Gena Pennington

Victor Pinho

Joe Quirk

Joshua Reagan

Lori Roscoe

Ryan Safner

Daniel Shanahan

Brown SSDP

Eric Sterling

Andrew Tatarsky

Jurriaan Van den Hurk

Chris Wallis

Jason Welte

Tyler Williams

Bill Wojtkowski






Anonymous (3)

Brandon Alonzo

Robert Bommicino

Frank Briggs

Kylie Campbell

James Carroll

John Chase

Buddy Cosner

Jessica Coutts

Etienne Fontan

Jim Foster

Dan Goldman

Andy Groff

Kathryn Humphries

Braum Katz

Kevin Lee

Andrew Livingston

Aaron Lotlikar

Genifer Murray

Jonathan Perri

Onyx Pietersen

Christopher Rasch

Julie Roberts

Lori Roscoe

Michael Russell

Kellen Russoniello

Cary Scobbie

Eric Sienknecht

Kenny Tan

Renee Thompson

Vivian Wong


Anonymous (17)

Michael Alahouzos

Melvin Barnhart

Alex Baskin

David Braginsky

Frank Briggs

Daniel Brumbaugh Sr.

Kynthia Brunette

Brad Burge

Kathy Cadigan

Dan Carvajal

Ryan Cassidy

Scott Cecil

Jess Cochrane

Sara Conrad

Stacia Cosner

Cara Crabb-Burnham

Scott Dennis

Andrew Dolgin

Shep Doze Jr.

Shamus Durac

Evan Eisenberg

Andrew Elam

Kean Erickson

John Everest

Frances Fu

Grace Gabel

Brooke Gilbert

Sandra Goodall

Michael Hamilton

Kyle Hartz

Meagan Heller

Kat Humphries

Jonathan Hwang

Daniel Jabbour

Jeffrey Kinnard

Ron Knaus

Andrew Koosed

Kris Krane

Darren LaFond

Dustiney Laizure

Ian Langmore

Jason Levin

Ben Levine

Alyssa Lloyd

Sue Lunbeck-Butler

Rishi Malhotra

Curtis Marder

Todd Matier

Daniel McGrath

K. Millnick

Jared Moffat

Bob Nichols

Evan Nison

Don Noel

Laura Notini

Raquel Ortega

A. Kathryn Parker

Jonathan Perri

Loretta Pirozzi

Linnae Ponte

Teresa Pugliese

Philip Purciello

Chelsea Rachel

George Ray

Joshua Reagan

Bryan Richards

Jed Riffe

Megan Roberts

Clayton Russell

Matthew Russoniello

Bob Schubring

Stone Shen

Marco Shuet

Stephen Silberman

Taylor Stockton

Jesse Stout

Ruth Stromberg

Vanessa Stroud

Adrian Stubbs

Joshua Swain

Morton Tenzer

Eapen Thampy

Sam Tracy

Lauren Van Hoesen

EJ Vassoc

Brian Wallace

Bill Watson

Ethan Watters

Judd Weiss

Rachel Wissner

Robin Wood

Yee Wu

Kevin Zhao
















Anonymous (19)

Gregory Adams

Irina Alexander

Tom Angell

Kelly Barber

Clark Battle

Amanda Batts

Conrad Behrman

Jean Belden

Evan Bernick

Monica Black

Arina Bleiman

Kathleen Bock

Rose Bono

Greg Boyd

Dustin Boyer

John Bracaglia

Carolyn Brown

Gregory Bruno

Linda Bucklin

Lauren Buzinski

Robert Cecil

Michael Christison

Nicholas Clawson

Mitchell Colbert

Casey Colby

Taylor Cornish

Olivia Cowenhoven

John Cowgill

Graham de Barra

Paul DeMaggio

Eric Dombrowsky

Stephen Duke

Alexavier Estrada

Kevin Fan

Mike Ferroni

Alex Finkelstein

Jared Fisher

Marcus Foo

Kevin Garcia

Samantha Gbur

Kyle Gregoire

Mikayla Hellwich

Matthew Hilliard

John Hines

Lynn Hochman

Carter Holland

Patrick Houston

Daniel Hurwitz

Angel Jimenez

Chloe Judell-Halfpenny

Lawrence LaFevre

Michael Lamble

Gerry Lanning

Robyn Latchford

Daniel Lazar

Gillian Levy

Sean Lynch

Gregory Lyons

Curtis Mah

Sara Martucci

Lauren Mendelsohn

Alexis Monahan

Bryce Montgomery

Spencer Moon

Amanda Muller

Reid Murdoch

David Myers

Victor Nava

Kelsey Nunez

Matthew O’Brien

Joseph O’Leary

Brian Ortiz

Juan Palenzuela

Marko Pavisic

Blake Paxton

Brian Petrocelli

David Pettus

Samantha Powell

Ben Price

Alison Reid-Cunningham

Robert Robertson

David Roddis

Sean Ryan

Sarah Saucedo

Jordan Schaeffer

Seth Shoemaker

Thom Silverstein

Malcom Smith

Kathleen Spain

Robbie Spencer

Lucy Stanus

Jill Stazewski

Devon Tackels

Dakota Tackels

Gary Taylor

Polina Tchebotarova

Leigh Torrence

Lauren Traitz

Kayla Westbrook

Cassandra Whalen

Scott Whitlock

Merle Widmer

Antonia Yang

Nadejda Zaharieva

Nicholas Zaiac

Jenny Zhou














Undisclosed Amounts


Betty Aldworth

Alejandro Alvarez-Flor

Simon Board

Marc Brandl

Victoria Chillinski

Dave Cosner

Joseph Do

Diane Fortune

Luis Garcia Diaz

Stephen Huh

Jonathan Hwang

Stefanie Jones

John Jones

Bronwen Keller

Su Yeun Kim

James Kowalsky

Brandon Levey

Debbie Livingston

Amanda Muller

Mikki Norris

Lauren Padgett

Brian Rodrigues-Brown

Lucille Roscoe

Reed Wurts