International Organizing Committee

The International Organizing Committee (IOC) is dedicated to making the SSDP network more engaged in the international components of drug policy reform and supporting students and youth around the world who have been impacted by the global drug war. While the IOC is not responsible for establishing SSDP chapters or direct outreach to students on behalf of SSDP staff, members are encouraged to develop relationships with other youth advocates who wish to take action to end drug prohibition in order to strengthen SSDP’s relationship with the broader international drug policy reform community.

Clement Bofa-Oppong '16


Ruby Lawlor '17


Róisín Downes '15

Staff Liaison

What do we do?

  • Raise awareness and organizing actions on humanitarian crises occurring around the world as a result of harmful, punitive drug policies
  • Ensure that youth are engaged and participating in major international drug policy conferences and commissions
  • Collaborate with SSDP’s Team to develop internationally focused resources for chapters and students
  • Connect SSDP members with other students outside the United States who want to end drug prohibition
    • Goal is to bring diversity and alternative cultural perspectives into SSDP’s existing membership
  • Establish relationships with other international NGOs and nonprofits whose mission aligns with SSDP’s 

Member Highlights

Every week our Content Directors create member highlights to show off some of the incredible activists in our network. We also create a monthly country highlight, which profiles the state of drug policy and the civil society efforts happening in different countries across the world, find them here.

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