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SSDP 100: The Basics

Title Purpose Time Expert
101 Introducing SSDP Organizational Overview 3 minutes Betty Aldworth
102: What is a sensible drug policy? To align our network on what we mean by “sensible drug policy” and to provide practical criteria with which students can assess whether or not something is a sensible drug policy 10 minutes Betty Aldworth
103: What makes a chapter? To introduce the paths members could take to establish a chapter. To elaborate on the pros and cons of each path. To provide a brief introduction to the benefits of establishing a chapter. To introduce resources that SSDP provides to founding members. 3 minutes Luis Montoya
104: Benefits of being an SSDP member To introduce resources available for SSDP chapters. To explain and expand on the assistance SSDP national provides to chapters 5 minutes Jake Agliata
105: Chapter activities To provide new chapters with examples of entry level activities they could do as an SSDP chapter. To provide new chapters with references and resources to guide them in developing activities for the semester.  7 minutes Tyler Williams
106: Introduction to the Board of Directors To outline the role of the Board of Directors. To explain Congress and the election process. 4 minutes Board of Directors, Betty Aldworth, Stacia Cosner