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group of five people stood holding signs that read SSDP Support Don't Punish and SSDP Start Making Sense
group of five people seated at a table, with logos of drug policy organizations behind them. Name tags read: Jake Agliata, Penelope Hill, Nazlee Maghsoudi, Alex Betsos (the nametag of the fifth person, Orsi Fehér, is out of frame)


The War on Drugs has spread beyond the United States to become one of the most alarming and destructive global humanitarian crises of our time. All around the world, young people are among the most affected populations of people affected by international commitments to failed drug control policies. 

SSDP’s presence has grown dramatically over the last 15 years, from being based solely in the United States, to having  a presence in over 30 countries with thousands of students and young people advocating for drug policy reforms in their contexts. Through SSDP, these activists fight for human rights and compassion based policy reforms from the campus/community level to national and continental level and all the way to the United Nations.

Our members have stood at the forefront of change in their countries. In Ghana, our members played an integral role in the biggest cannabis reform seen in West Africa to date. In Israel, our members have been invited onto the national committee on drugs to discuss the reduction of nightlife drug related harm, and have supported the growth of the Israeli Psychedelic Society. In the UK, SSDP members have led the conversation around nightlife harm reduction and mental health. In Nigeria, SSDPers have demanded reform of the police and conducted key harm reduction events for people who inject drugs.

SSDP amplifies the voices of those young people calling for an approach towards drugs grounded in human rights, compassion towards people who use drugs, and scientific-based evidence. We are also committed to sharing the stories and lessons young people from the most impacted areas of the world have to share.

woman holding sign that says "Support don't punish"


Students for Sensible Drug Policy is an international grassroots network of students and young people, led by students and young people who are advocating for policy reform on the local, national, continental and global level.

We promote youth civic engagement as a critical tool in reforming drug policy and develop leaders who advocate for change, based on justice, liberty and compassion. SSDP mobilizes and empowers young people to participate in political processes. Our members operate locally and are connected globally to reduce the harms of counterproductive policies–in particular, those that directly harm students of all ages and youth–and to represent the rights and interests of this population.

woman holding sign that says "I want drug decriminalization because ... I believe in human rights"

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