Eolann Davis ’19

Eolann founded SSDP in Trinity College Dublin after spending a summer working in low-income housing units and harm reduction sites in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside. The chapter’s main achievement was drafting Trinity’s first official college drug policy, an amended version of which was brought into effect last October. They recently completed a review of the published policy, and over the next year Eolann intends to work with the existing committee to attempt a national rollout of our policy to other universities across Ireland.

Eolann has been involved in SSDP through participating with the Global Core Team, as well as writing a number of contributions for the International Organizing Committee Blog. Eolann was also appointed to the Board of Directors of SSDP Global. His position as a member of the Board has also led to his involvement in the growing movement to push for the legalization of cannabis in Ireland over the next year.