A. 06357 and S. 4406: Support Medical Marijuana Legislation in New York

New York : A. 06357 and S. 4406: Support Medical Marijuana Legislation in New York

Earlier this week, in New York, legislation was introduced in the State Assembly and Senate that would create a medical marijuana program in the Empire State. Assemblyman Gottfried introduced A. 06357, and Senator Savino introduced the Senate companion bill, S. 4406. Bills that, if passed, would make New York the next state to institute a medical marijuana program for seriously ill patients. In New York, medical marijuana has been an uphill battle since day one, but the time has never been better to support sensible marijuana policy. With your help, New York could be the next state to pass medical marijuana legislation. SSDP sincerely hopes that New York will be able to join the other 18 states, and the District of Columbia, in ending the unjust policy of criminalizing sick and dying patients who choose to use a medicine that works for them. Take action today by contacting your state legislators and asking them to support this important legislation that could change the lives of so many patients who need it most. Summary of bills: 
Legalizes the possession, acquisition, use, delivery, transfer, transport or administration of marihuana by a certified patient or designated caregiver for a certified medical use; prescribes procedures for such possession, acquisition, etc. including certification of patients by their practitioner, and that, in the practitioner’s professional judgment, the serious condition should be treated with the medical use of marihuana; provides that possession or acquisition of marihuana shall be lawful under these provisions provided that the marihuana possessed does not exceed a total aggregate weight of two and a half ounces; directs the department of health to monitor such use and promulgate rules and regulations for registry identification cards; provides for reports by the department of health to the governor and legislature on the medical use of marihuana.
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